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DEADLY & DANGEROUS GOLD Proof Coin Collection.

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The Deadly & Dangerous series from the Perth Mint is now available in a special release pure Gold Set.  Given the amazing success of the Silver series starting with the Red back spider in 2006  now selling for between $1200 and $1500 and the other years going up in price this may be a good set to have.  The increase in the gold price will also push this set along.

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Deadly & Dangerous Red Back Spider – an intriguing alternative?

Red Back Spider Russian Version

The Deadly & Dangerous series is one of the most popular series released in recent years.

The popularity of the series probably has to do with the heavy promotion conducted by the Perth Mint, particularly in Europe.

The series consists of the Red Back Spider, Shark, Octopus, Crocodile, Snake and Box Jellyfish.

The first coin released – the Red Back Spider – is now selling for between $1300 and $1800 dollars, a bit beyond many people’s budget for these type of coins

There is a little known alternative.

In 2011 the Perth Mint released 2000 Red Back Spiders into the Russian market.  The design is the same and packaging similar, albeit with Russian script on the coin and box.

Here is a copy of a response by the Perth Mint asking about the Russian Red Back Spider coin,

“Thankyou for your inquiry and for your interest in The Perth Mint.

I can confirm that the coin in question (1oz Silver Proof Red Back Spider – Deadly and Dangerous) was issued by The Perth Mint.  It is not a replica, but an official Perth Mint coin.  This coin was produced for sale in Russia only and was subject to all required approvals.

Hope that answers your query.

Thanks and Best Regards

Tracey Cobby

Program Coordinator
The Perth Mint”

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