About Us

Like most great adventures in life, we more or less stumbled into the coin market. We started as collectors, then gradually moved more and more into buying and selling.
We get great enjoyment from researching, sourcing, buying and selling coins.To me it is not just another product.  I love coins because each coin tells a story of the era and circumstances of when it was minted, the state of the society and era it has come from. They are a record of history or more or less a small time capsule.
In Australia we are lucky to have two of the greatest mints in the world of the Perth Mint, and the Royal Australian Mint. The modern decimal coins each of these produce are amazing feats of design, engineering and are well known throughout the world. The technology, marketing and packaging all reflect where we are now as a nation. This will undoubtedly change as our country and society changes.

Unlike most businesses today, our company’s aim is to supply coins and other products to people for their enjoyment and for use as an investment. That is it. Hopefully if we get this right, the financial side will look after itself.  We incorporate our personal values into all aspects of our life, including our coin business. The values we follow are truth, peace, love and right action. Please enjoy the coins and products we supply as much as we enjoy being able to present them to you.

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