Large Coins a time to buy.




With the silver price looking to form a bottom ending its current correction and more interesting settling below the cost of production for most miners it is safe to say the silver price now is a bargain.

No one can predict the price of gold or silver as there is just to much influencing the price however the Edge Trader is better than most.
If this is the bottom or close to it now is the time to have a look at purchasing those very affordable large coins that have been too expensive in the past.

The price of large coins is much more attuned to the silver price than the 1 oz commemorative types.
Even the price of the famous Kookaburra series dating back to 1991 has moved down with the drop in silver prices.
The large coins, that is 5 oz. to 1 kg, do offer great value at the moment, maybe the last time they can be obtained at such prices.
The coins that have good potential in my opinion are
• All the Kookaburra proof sets especially the 10 oz sets.
• Coins such as ‘coin of the centenary’ 2000 Olympic 1 kg. and other large Olympic games issues.
• Kookaburra 1 kg specimen coins
• Lunar 1 kg particularly the proof.
• Other 1 kg out there, quite a few to choose from
• Also have a look at the 16 coin 1 oz year 2000 Olympic set and other similar issues that the silver price has had a downward  influence on during the correction.

To sum up, a great time to purchase coins or coin sets with a large silver content.

I have a selection of large coins in my store Silver Spirit Coins or in my eBay shop.

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