Book on Collecting Australian Decimal Coins

Australian Coin Collecting

My book on coin collecting is now ready.

I am at the moment sending out Free copies of my book in a PDF format, if you would like a copy visit  Silver Spirit Coins Web site and sign up on my email subscription list and a free copy will be sent to you.

I have aimed this book at the collector/investor who does not know a lot about coin collecting and wants an overview of the different types of coins, what to collect and where to purchase them.

When I first started collecting the decimal issues I bought Australian Coins & Banknote catalogue by Greg McDonald and a copy of the Coin & Banknote magazine and off I went. I started by making a few purchases on EBay concentrating on the silver issues.  After a while I became interested in other issues and as they say the rest is history.

If there had been a book like this around at the time it would not only have been a great help but saved me lots of time.

One response to “Book on Collecting Australian Decimal Coins

  1. Ebay but the prices seem high. I’d look for a local coin delear who is just looking to make a little profit.Most of the local shops are run by reputable delears who love collecting. They are mostly honest and just want to make a reasonable profit.I used to stop in my local coin shop every other week just to talk to the owner and buy a few things.After awhile we got to know each other and he would save things for me that he thought I’d be interested in and he used to let me go through all his junk boxes. He never tried to rip me off and just charged me a little above spot price. I used to buy junk mercs for 30c each. Have tons of them now.Just waiting for silver to really pop.

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