Buying Australian Silver Bullion Coins – Which sort?

2012 Kookaburra Bullion Coin

There are 3 main Silver Bullion style coins,

  • Kookaburras,
  • Koalas,
  • Lunar.

These bullion style coins come in capsules from the mint, usually in rolls of 20 and do not have a Certificate or outer cardboard shipping box.  They can be purchased in rolls or as singular coins through dealers such as Ainslie Bullion, coin web stores and on EBay and generally sell for about 10-15%% above bullion price for the current years.

They are the only bullion coins that change their design every year.
The Lunar series this year is of course the Dragon which proved to be immensely popular and is now very hard to find at a good price. If you have any interest in lunar coins they are great to collect as they appreciate in value.  There is a collector aspect to the lunar coins and they can be used as a store of value. They have a limited mintage and are distributed all over the world making them in short supply almost immediately after release.

The same applies to the Kookaburra bullion series to a lesser extent, but with the Kookaburra’s limited mintage of just 500,000 they are bound to also become collectable. This is compared to the Koala, American Eagle,Canadian Maple, and other overseas coins, for which the mintage is in the millions.
So given the limited mintage of the Lunar and Kookaburra coins, these would be the ones to purchase or collect.
If you like these types of coin let me know by clicking leaving a comment.

One response to “Buying Australian Silver Bullion Coins – Which sort?

  1. I would go for Silver Eagles and Canadian Maple leaves. Although, the problem is that some countries apply irritating taxes, additional fees on top of these products and they tend to sell at 1.5 times over spot price.
    I do like the design of those Australian silver coins, though they cost too much.

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